Youth Red Cross - YRC

“The Youth Red Cross” is the most important constituent of its mother organization, Indian Red Cross. It is a group movement organized at the initial stages for students between 18 and 25 years of age and thus was started in our college to inculcate in the students who are the youth of our country about their own health and that of others, then the understanding and acceptance of responsibilities and acting accordingly with humanitarian concern, to fulfill the same, and to enable the growth & development of a spirit of service and sense of duty with dedication and devotion in the minds of youth, and then to foster better friendly relationship with all without any discrimination. So, our college is mainly focusing on health issues and so started with seminars, blood camps and also conducting competitions for the students. Thus the Youth Red Cross organization at our college is continuing with the spirit with the help of principal and students.

Staff Co-ordinator: Mrs. Judy Anitha, M.Sc.