Student Centric Methods

Student Centric Methods


Keeping in mind the traditional method of teaching in which teachers play a vital role in the learning process, our institution adopts effective student-centric methods to keep the students on the center stage, thereby helping them develop their critical and creative skills in long run.

Experiential Learning

Our institution's aim is to provide best education. It strongly believes in the first-hand, total experience. Thus, it juxtaposes the experiential learning with the theoretical knowledge and promotes it full-fledged

Every even- semester, Students make industrial visits to sharpen their understanding of the subjects prescribed.

  • A two or three-day study tour is arranged for third-year students, that aims to make every participant get his own learning experience. 
  • NSS students are sent to rural areas of Chennai for voluntary service, to make them realize the problems and difficulties of the rural people, at the grassroots levels.
  • PG students of Electronic Media are submitting a project in their even semester and a rigorous academic drilling is given for collecting and organizing data, for analyzing and speculating the data and guiding them to write the thesis based on the project using the research methodology.     
  • The students of Commerce, Visual Communication and Psychology are engaged in organizational based internships, which help them learn nuances in their fields.
  • To enhance research acumen and vigor, the students of UG and PG programs are encouraged to present and publish articles in their domains.   

Participative Learning

The best way to enhance one’s learning process is to become part of the learning environment. Our institution promotes this natural kind of learning by organizing various activities and programs as part of the curricula. Keeping in mind the holistic developments of the students, everyone is given chances to identify his/her talents through these programs.   

  • Students regularly participate in several inter-departmental academic activities conducted in every semester. They also participate in inter-collegiate cultural festivals and sports tournaments conducted in other colleges.
  • The Departments have various clubs, which conduct many events periodically. For instance, the Reading, Poetry and Drama Enactment clubs of the Department of English, conduct club activities inviting the students of different streams to participate. 
  • The submission of assignments and the presentation of seminars, the components of the Internal evaluation, are monitored closely to bring out the best in them.

Problem Solving Techniques

  •  Group Communication is conducted on current issues, which need social awareness and participation from the student community. The lapses and gaps in their discussions are critically looked into and analyzed in different angels.
  •  Brainstorming session is conducted on case studies relevant to their professional areas. The teachers facilitate the participants to find out the root causes of the issues during the session and suggest remedial measures to solve the problems.