LET THERE BE LIGHT (GENESIS 1:3), Welcome to St.Thomas College of Arts and Science, Koyambedu, Chennai.

Rules and Regulations:

The management reserves the right to admit, train, discipline and administer according to its policy and philosophy of education. Students will not be permitted to form unions or associations based on colour, creed, caste, language, religion, or ideology within the campus. Strikes and violent activities meant to bargain with influence or interference with the management are illegal. Students must take all the courses offered as an obligatory package of education from which none will be exempted. Students must maintain best behaviour in the campus and outside. Discontinuance in the middle of the course or removal from rolls for any reason will entail forfeiture of course fees for the whole duration of the course. In case of damage or loss of any property of the college, students shall be made liable, individually or severally, to compensate the same, and transfer certificates will not be issued unless the loss to the management is made good.Tuition and special fees prescribed by the college must be paid before the last date set down by the college. Delayed payments will be subject to levy of fines. Excessive delays will entail removal of name from the college rolls and denial of attendance. Any amount paid towards admission fee or any fee will not be refunded.





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