National Service Scheme

The aim of NSS unit is “Not me, but you.” Students actively participate in various activities conducted by NSS. Every year the NSS unit conducts a camp in an under developed area. During the camp, they do so many social activities and awareness programmes about education, cleanliness, health, through songs, dramas, and street plays, etc. Apart form this, the NSS brings an awareness of public cleanliness, and evil sides of help, drugs & tobacco, cleaning the traffic, to instill in the minds of fellow students an altruistic tendency.

Staff Co-ordinator:

Dr. S. Premkumar, M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,NET.
Dr. S.Karunakaran, M.A.,Ph.D.,NET.

Youth Red Cross

“The Youth Red Cross” is the most important constituent of its mother organization, Indian Red Cross. It is a group movement organized at the initial stages for students between 18 and 25 years of age and thus was started at our college 3 years ago in order to inculcate in the students who are the youth of our country about their own health and that of others, then the understanding and acceptance of responsibilities and acting accordingly with humanitarian concern, to fulfill the same, and to enable the growth & development of a spirit of service and sense of duty with dedication and devotion in the minds of youth, and then to foster better friendly relationship with all without any discrimination. So, our college is mainly focusing on health issues and so started with seminars, blood camps and also conducting competitions for the students. Thus the Youth Red Cross organization at our college is continuing with the spirit with the help of principal and students.

Staff Co-ordinator:

Mrs. Judy Anitha, M.Sc.

Red Ribbon Club

This organization was started on August 2006 with an aim of creating a public awareness among students, and to find ways to eradicate the mysterious malady, HIV/AIDS from all over India. This club is involved in various activities like blood donation camp, life saving, giving solace to HIV/AIDS victims, to give an identification to the eunuch society, and drugs rehabilitation programmes, etc.

Staff Co-ordinator:

Mr. S. Jeba Jaskar, M.Com., M.Phil.

Green Club

The Green Club was revived in St. Thomas College on 23rd of January 2009 with the aim of promoting higher awareness in the minds of students about Environmental issues. The club has a vision of education and inspires people of all ages to learn about what green means. The Green club intends to carry its message conserving resources and living a green life style to have a ripple effect, both within its community and out in the world.

Several programmes and seminars are organized by inviting experts from different fields to create awareness about mass plantation, saving rain water, pollution control, overcome global warming, etc. In general the motto of this club is to create awareness among members and to rid us of taboos and environmental disasters.

Staff Co-ordinator:

Mr.R.Thirumavalavan, M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed.

St.Thomas Consumer Club

St. Thomas Consumer’s Club was inaugurated on the 4th April 2008 as per the direction given by University of Madras. The motto of this club is to expose the rights available to the consumers and responsibilities of consumers as per consumer protection Act, 1986. consumer education empowers consumers to exercise their consumer rights. It is perhaps the single most powerful tool that can take consumers from their present disadvantageous position to one of strength in the marketplace. Consumer education is dynamic, participatory and is mostly acquired by hands on and practical experience. For this purpose this club organizes seminars and orientation programmes to its members

Staff Co-ordinator:

Mr. S. Samuel Thangaraj, M.Com.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,SET.

Organisation for Social Justice

The Organization for Social Justice was started on 27th of August 2009. The ultimate purpose of this organization is to promote students to address global concerns such as poverty eradication, promotion of full employment, gender equity, and access to social well-being, and justice for all. The motto of this organization is “Giving to each what he or she is due.” The organization conducts seminars and meeting through resource persons and social workers who fight for social justice in the society. We inspire students to help the poor and down-trodden.

Staff Co-ordinator:

Mr. G. Saravanan, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,SET.

Organisation for Womens Upliftment

It was inaugurated in the month of October 2009. This provides a good platform for the girls as they can expose their hidden talents and abilities other than academics. We celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th in a good scale by conducting so many competitions. We conduct seminar on various topics for the welfare of the women’s community. Our organization takes utmost care for the beneficiary of women’s society.

Staff Co-ordinator:

Dr.(Mrs.) C. Umamaheswari, MCA., M.Phil.,Ph.D.

Fine Arts Association

Students are encouraged to participate in intra-mural and inter-collegiate talent festivals and cultural meets. Every year in October, the College hosts the much popular inter-collegiate cultural competition, the “Thom Fest”.

Staff Co-ordinator:

Mr. K. Govindarajan, MCA., M.Phil.

Mrs.V.R. Bindu Kumari, M.Sc.,M.Phil.

Career Guidance and Placement Cell

The Cell provides platform for the students about the best career and placement opportunities and scope of every career and placement options to upgrade the horizon of the students to the next level in a safe and secured environment.

Staff Co-ordinator:

Mrs. K. Kripa, M.Sc.,M.Phil.

College Choir

The choir is an integral part of the St. Thomas College of Arts and Science. No program is complete without the college choir rendering the college hymn. Musically talented students are encouraged to take part in the choir. The choir has been performing at the Inter Collegiate Carol service of the St. Thomas College of Arts and Science for the last four years.

Staff Co-ordinator:

Dr.(Mrs.)Susan Abraham, B.E., M.Sc.(IT)., M.Phil.,Ph.D.

College Prayer Cell

The College prayer cell was started in the year 2005. The prayer cell has been a source of blessing to several students in their spiritual life. The students meet every Wednesday for a session of singing and prayer. The prayer cell has enabled several students to lead a disciplined life thus moulding better citizens for the community and society.


Director of Physical Education :

Dr.T.Selvaganapathi ,M.P.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.

Sports & Games

  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Weight Lifting
  • Athletics
  • Chess
  • Table Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Badminton

Entrepreneurship Developement Cell

The ED Cell is inaugurated with an intention to make students to dream themselves as job providers instead of job seekers. The cell is named as, ‘EXPLORE THE SEED IN YOU’ Identify your individual ability and creativity in you.


To create awareness on Entrepreneurship among young students. To provide innovative technological and business idea. To promote the culture of Innovation. To create a strong network of mentors to provide practical guidance. To support the sparks of budding entrepreneurs by converting from ideation into start up of establishment.


Dr.(Mrs.) C. Kala, M.B.A., M.Phil;Ph.D.

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